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No Half Measures

Truly enjoyed working with The Neo Company to create a promotional website for my new princess book series! Would definitely recommend to anyone thinking about building a website for their business. Thanks Lamon! Two thumbs way up!

Irene C.

Victorian Book

Putting our hearts into our projects helps our clients get ahead.


When you dare to name your web development company after your very own son, you’re telling the world a lot about who you are as a human being and the way you do business.


Lamon Mav and his expert team of webineers passionately embrace a philosophy of caring that states:  


First satisfy the vision of each client, then deliver more than they expect. 


This distinctive mix of head and heart is complemented by a genuine empathy for ecommerce clients born from Lamon’s past as an ecommerce startup entrepreneur. 


The result?  Neo’s insightful team of devoted problem-solvers possess a firsthand understanding of effective product branding and marketing. This higher level of knowledge and support not only empowers clients to reach their goals, it inspires them to tap into potential they didn’t even know existed.  


With all this in mind, Lamon is confident that when his young son finally grows up and sees how The Neo Company is helping clients succeed, he’s sure to feel mighty proud of his old man. 

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