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ONE AI: Your Dedicated SEO Assistant

Streamline your SEO efforts with ONE AI! Our AI-powered assistant provides automatic weekly optimizations, ensuring your small business ranks higher on search engines. Start your journey towards more visibility and growth today with ONE AI.

Meet ONE.

Your personal SEO
driver, on AI. 

SEO is confusing and expensive, We make it simple

Keywords, meta tags, heading hierarchy. Yuck. You just want your website to rank higher on search engines like Google. ONE AI makes this process simple and we handle all the maintenance.

Get started with any website URL

ONE AI works with all website types - Wordpress, Shopify, Wix, Squarespace, custom-coded, you name it. With your website URL and we will initial an audit of how your current SEO fares.

Grow your search rankings, automatically

ONE AI will scan your site and gain a great understanding of your business and potential customers. 

Sit back and watch your website traffic grow

Depending on your website provider and settings, ONE AI can even automatically make the changes to your site without any work on your end. Just sit back and figure out how to handle all the customers that will start rolling in.

ONE AI to drive them all.

“ONE AI” is a dedicated AI assistant, specially designed to help businesses like yours optimize their SEO. All you need to do is provide us URL. From there, We’ll automatically optimize your SEO every week. Ready to reach more customers? Let's get started!

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