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Crypto Consulting


Take A Step Into The Future

Services & Focus:


Interested in investing in Bitcoin and digital assets but don't where to start? Our experts can help you navigate the digital assets landscape and show you how and where to buy, sell and store digital assets.

Wallet & Exchange Set-up

The world of cryptocurrency can be a complicated and involved space, and crypto exchanges are no exception. How well you understand this first step in your cryptocurrency journey is going to determine how smooth and worthwhile the rest of your experience is going to be. Picking the right exchanges that will help you meet your goals, minimize your risk, and give you access to the best opportunities is essential.

Specialized Support

Need someone to take a look at your computer screen and walk you through something? We can use Zoom video with screen sharing and literally walk you through it step by step.

Wallet Security

Which wallet should you choose? What wallets do you need? How can you help keep you crypto secure? "Not your keys, not your coins” as the saying goes. Holding crypto in your own possession is one of the greatest benefits of this technology, yet for newcomers, it can be an area of uncertainty, anxiety, and hesitation. Don’t miss out on the security and sovereignty of cryptocurrency ownership.


For our most experienced clients, we offer specialized training in some of the more advanced investment strategies and methods, such as DeFi, Staking, and the use of specific trading platforms and exchanges.

Topic of Your Choice

We provide a customized and personalized experience. Our experts have years of experience in the Bitcoin and digital assets industry. We keep up with the latest news and developments in technology so that you don't have to. We're here to help!


Have digital assets? Our talented expert is ready to turn them into tokens.

Crypto is legit and is here to stay but guess what, you haven’t missed the boat. Now is the time to get in, be a part of the future by taking a step in the present. 


What We Do 


The Neo Company supports all levels of crypto-curious investors. Understand blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency market. Setup online cryptocurrency accounts. Create your secure crypto-wallet. Learn how to protect your investment using the most effective security devices and strategies.

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